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Ability Management Services - Attendance Management

Executive Summary

This case study showcases Acclaim’s Ability Management partnership with a prominent player in the Food and Beverage industry, aiming to tackle inconsistent employee attendance rooted in underlying medical issues. Through Acclaim's all-encompassing methodology, established by a team of seasoned professionals, substantial enhancements were achieved in both employee attendance and overall well-being.


Irregular attendance issues of a 55-year-old Food & Beverage Server due to underlying medical conditions.


Acclaim leveraged its extensive expertise and specialized services to address the challenges effectively. Our team of experts, including medical professionals, vocational rehabilitation specialists, and mental health professionals, worked collaboratively to develop a tailored approach for the Food and Beverage industry.

Through a combination of comprehensive assessments, personalized interventions, and ongoing support, Acclaim provided the necessary resources and guidance to empower the employee on their journey to improved attendance and well-being. Our commitment to a holistic approach and client-centered solutions were instrumental in achieving positive outcomes for all stakeholders.


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