Safety Challenges Overcome: Acclaim's Rapid Intervention in Construction Project Halt

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Safety Infraction Resolution and Compliance Assistance

Executive Summary

Acclaim Ability Management (Acclaim) collaborated with a construction company facing project halts due to safety infractions flagged by the Ministry of Labour (MLITSD). Our role was to assist the client in comprehending the identified infractions, engaging with the ministry to rectify the issues promptly, and ensuring compliance with their directives within an exceptionally tight timeframe. Additionally, we worked alongside the client to mitigate potential delays and penalties associated with unsafe actions, preserving both project timelines and financial commitments.


The challenge presented was the abrupt halt of the construction project by MLITSD due to identified safety infractions. Immediate action was necessary to understand these infractions, communicate effectively with the ministry to address and rectify the issues, and ensure compliance with stringent safety regulations. Moreover, the project faced penalties linked to deadline delays, necessitating swift action to prevent further setbacks.


Our team swiftly engaged with the construction company, conducting a thorough assessment to understand the nature and gravity of the safety infractions. We collaborated closely with the client, aiding in comprehending the directives issued by the ministry and liaising effectively to swiftly rectify the identified issues. Additionally, we developed a strategy to mitigate potential delays arising from unsafe actions, ensuring a balance between compliance and project continuity.


Through our collaborative efforts and rapid response, we successfully facilitated the resolution of safety infractions flagged by MLITSD, enabling the lifting of the project stop-work orders within an exceptionally short timeframe. Our proactive approach not only ensured compliance with regulatory directives but also mitigated potential penalties associated with project deadline delays due to unsafe actions.

The estimated savings resulting from this intervention exceeded $150,000, encompassing potential penalties and costs associated with project delays and non-compliance.

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