Audit Success: Acclaim's Strategic Health and Safety Policy Update for Industrial Excellence

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Occupational Health & Safety
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Health and Safety Policy Update, Facility Audit, Compliance Alignment

Executive Summary

Acclaim Ability Management (Acclaim) undertook the task of updating the health and safety policies for an industrial company as part of their annual client actions. Additionally, we conducted a comprehensive facility audit, integrating the updated policies with the activities on the production floor. Our proactive approach ensured alignment with current legislation, and when the client unexpectedly faced a surprise blitz focus audit by the ministry, they passed with flying colors. The compliance alignment safeguarded the client's operations, preventing any disruption, potential shutdowns, or financial losses.


Updating the client's health and safety policies and conducting a facility audit to ensure compliance with current legislation. A surprise visit from the ministry for a blitz focus audit further heightened the stakes. Any non-compliance could have resulted in operational disruptions or potential production shutdowns, leading to substantial financial losses.


Our team updated the client's health and safety policies, ensuring alignment with current legislative requirements. We conducted a simultaneous facility audit, integrating the updated policies into the production floor activities. This proactive approach aimed to fortify the client's compliance status and readiness for regulatory audits.


The surprise blitz focus audit from the ministry, following the alignment of the client's health and safety program with current legislation, resulted in outstanding commendations from the auditor. The client passed the audit without any impact on their operations, avoiding potential production shutdowns or financial penalties.

Had there been non-compliance leading to a production shutdown, it was estimated that the client would have incurred significant losses amounting to $20,000 per day in missed production and catch-up time.

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