Savings in Motion: Acclaim's Success Story in Streamlining WCB Status and Injury Processes

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Workers Compensation
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Services Provided

WCB Status Audit, Injury Process Review, Injury Package Creation, Training, Case Management

Executive Summary

Acclaim Ability Management (Acclaim) was asked by a transportation company to conduct a comprehensive audit of their Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) status and review their Injury Process. Leveraging the audit findings, we devised recommendations for an enhanced injury package that included modified duties. Upon finalizing the program, we provided extensive training to the highest levels of management, followed by comprehensive support and case management services. Within two years, our approach led to substantial cost savings exceeding $2 million, validating the efficiency and success of the program.


Acclaim assessed the transportation company's WCB status and injury process thoroughly. Additionally, create an improved injury package incorporating modified duties. Ensuring seamless implementation and adoption of this program across all levels of management within the company was crucial for its success.


Our team conducted an in-depth audit of the company's WCB status and injury process, culminating in recommendations for an enhanced injury package. This program included modified duties to facilitate employees' return to work after injuries. Subsequently, we provided comprehensive training to the highest levels of management, ensuring a top-down approach for efficient program implementation. Collaborating closely with the HR department and managers, we streamlined the case management process, offering dedicated support and guidance.


Within two years of implementing our program and training, the transportation company realized substantial cost savings, exceeding $2 million. At the two-year mark, refresher training sessions with managers highlighted the program's success, leading to its continuation. Our approach not only reduced costs for the company but also established efficient and effective case management systems.

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