Balancing Claims Management: A Cultural and Collaborative Approach in WSIB Proceedings

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WSIB Review, Claims Amalgamation, WSIAT Tribunal Representation

Executive Summary

Acclaim Ability Management (Acclaim) showcases its adaptability and sensitivity to diverse cultural and belief structures in this case study. Initially engaged for a free WSIB review, our intervention identified an individual with two separate WSIB claims, four months apart. Despite the employer's unsuccessful attempt to amalgamate the claims, our approach focused on minimizing costs without compromising the employee's WSIB benefits. Through consultation with the employer and alignment with community values, we pursued a unique path that safeguarded the Employee's benefits while securing a favorable outcome for both parties.


The challenge lay in addressing two separate WSIB claims while minimizing costs for the Employer without adversely affecting the Employee's WSIB benefits. Our approach needed to respect the cultural values and beliefs of the community involved.


Recognizing the sensitivity of the situation, we tailored our strategy to align with the community's values while safeguarding the Employee's WSIB benefits. Our approach diverged from the usual methods, emphasizing a path that minimized costs for the Employer without impacting the Employee's benefits, a decision that aligned with community values.


Throughout the process, we valued the involvement of the Chief and Council, ensuring their continuous support for the Employee while promoting a safe workplace environment. With their endorsement, we proceeded to a WSIAT tribunal after prior collaboration with the employee representative. Presenting a united front, rather than maintaining opposing sides led to a mutually favorable outcome at the tribunal.

The collaborative approach culminated in a credit of over $25,000 back to the employer by the WSIB without any adverse impact on the employee's WSIB benefits. This success demonstrated our commitment to adaptability, cultural sensitivity, and achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.

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