Maximizing Benefits, Securing Success: Acclaim's Triumph in WSIAT Appeals for Municipality Client

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Workers Compensation



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Claims Management, WSIAT Appeals Support, Retroactive Adjustments, Financial Benefit Maximization

Executive Summary

Acclaim Ability Management (Acclaim) maintained a long-standing partnership with a municipality client, providing claims management services for several years. Our focus extended to the challenging second stage of Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) appeals, specifically WSIAT appeals. Collaborating with our paralegal partner and the municipality, we navigated this complex process, achieving significant victories in multiple trials. These successes led to retroactive adjustments from WSIB, resulting in a substantial refund of over half a million dollars. Our meticulous approach ensured not only the management of active claims but also securing retroactive financial benefits for the client, underscoring our commitment to maximizing entitled benefits.


Managing the second stage of WCB appeals (WSIAT appeals), known for their lengthy nature, which could lead to up to seven years of experience impact for employers. These appeals often resulted in increased insurance rates and additional costs for employers with injured employees.


Acclaim collaborated closely with our paralegal partner and the municipality, focusing on WSIAT appeals to navigate this challenging process. Through diligent efforts and multiple trial victories, we secured retroactive adjustments from WSIB in favor of the municipality, resulting in a substantial refund exceeding half a million dollars. Furthermore, our commitment extended beyond active claims management to ensure that these financial benefits were applied retroactively, maximizing the client's entitled benefits.


Our efforts in successfully handling the WSIAT appeals and securing victories in multiple trials resulted in a significant refund of over half a million dollars for the municipality. Beyond managing active claims, our thorough approach ensured that retroactive financial benefits were applied to the client's accounts, emphasizing our dedication to maximizing entitled benefits.

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