Overcoming Anxiety and Facilitating Gradual Return to Work in the Mining Industry

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A 38-year-old Production Associate in the mining industry.

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Ability Management Services

Executive Summary

This case study underscores the instrumental role played by Acclaim Ability Management in facilitating the gradual return to work of a 38-year-old Production Associate within the mining industry. Leveraging a diverse approach, reinforced by a team of seasoned experts, Acclaim's efforts culminated in the successful reintegration of the employee into their demanding role.


The employee faced complex challenges, including personal loss, physical pain, anxiety from co-worker interactions, and difficulty maintaining a demanding 12-hour rotation.


Acclaim harnessed its profound proficiency and specialized services to effectively tackle these obstacles. Our team of specialists, encompassing medical practitioners, mental health experts, and vocational rehabilitation professionals, worked collectively to craft a customized strategy to bolster this employee's recovery and reintegration into the workforce.

By merging thorough evaluations, tailored actions, and continuous assistance, Acclaim furnished the essential tools and direction to embolden the employee on their path to recuperation and triumphant return to work. Our commitment to holistic well-being and our focus on client-centric resolutions were crucial factors in attaining positive results for this individual.


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