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Pharmacogenetics assessment and Workhealth Program

Executive Summary

This case study sheds light on the collaboration between Acclaim Ability Management and a prominent player in the manufacturing sector, aimed at tackling chronic absenteeism and mental health concerns among their workforce. Through Acclaim's holistic strategy, backed by a team of seasoned professionals, significant enhancements were achieved in employee welfare, job performance, and return on investment.


Chronic absenteeism and mental health issues affecting an experienced 48-year-old union representative, leading to financial losses and decreased productivity.


Acclaim leveraged its extensive expertise and specialized services to address the challenges effectively. Our team of experts, including medical professionals, mental health specialists, and vocational rehabilitation professionals, worked collaboratively to develop a tailored approach for the union representative. Through a combination of comprehensive assessments, personalized interventions, and ongoing support, Acclaim provided the necessary resources and guidance to empower the employee on their journey to recovery and successful return to work. Our commitment to well-being and dedication to client-centered solutions were vital in achieving positive outcomes for both the individual and the company.


  • Pharmacogenetic Testing: Only 1 out of 25 possible treatments was effective for the employee, as indicated through genetic testing.
  • Employee Satisfaction: The employee expressed profound relief and gratitude for finally discovering a treatment that suited their body's unique chemistry.
  • Work Health Assessment: The assessment validated the employee's mental health struggles and uncovered underlying personal issues.
  • Treatment Success: With appropriate medical treatment and psychotherapy, the employee experienced significant improvement in their mental health and overall well-being.
  • Return to Work: While the employee's claim was temporarily shifted to long-term disability during their treatment journey, their eventual return to work was marked by enhanced well-being and performance, which in turn bolstered ROI and operational efficiency.

Client Testimonial


I'm immensely grateful to Acclaim Ability Management for providing me with a treatment plan that transformed my life. Their dedication to my well-being and their commitment to finding a solution that worked for me has been life changing.