Healthcare and Social Services Case Study: Hospital WSIB Cost Relief Services: Revamping An Ontario Hospital

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Hospital WSIB - Cost Relief

Executive Summary

This case study highlights Acclaim's collaboration with a prominent Ontario hospital, operating within a unionized environment, serving approximately 5,000 employees. Acclaim's mission was to provide cost relief services related to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).


When Acclaim commenced its partnership with the hospital, a significant challenge was the hospital's surcharge position on their NEER (New Experimental Experience Rating) exceeding $1.2 million. The hospital's CEO recognized the urgency of the situation and engaged a senior WSIB manager. Acclaim raised concerns about the responsiveness of WSIB case managers and identified several claims where proper service was lacking.



Results Achieved Through Acclaim's Involvement: Acclaim's involvement yielded significant results:

  • Effective Communication with WSIB: Regularly scheduled meetings with WSIB representatives enabled Acclaim to address barriers and obtain prompt responses from case managers.
  • Overturned Entitlements: Acclaim's persistence and collaboration with WSIB resulted in the overturning of two psychological entitlements and one initial entitlement claim. These successes highlighted the value of dedicated advocacy.
  • Financial Transformation: Within just one year of collaboration, the hospital's financial outlook underwent a remarkable transformation. They transitioned from a surcharge position exceeding $1.2 million to a rebate of over $300,000.00. This financial relief significantly alleviated the hospital's economic burden.

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