Fostering Return-to-Work Programs in a Unionized Labor Environment (ROI Highlight)

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Executive Summary

Acclaim Ability Management partnered with a national courier company, operating in a unionized environment with a workforce of 10,000 employees, to assess and highlight the Return on Investment (ROI) achieved through the implementation of Acclaim services.


The primary challenge faced in this collaboration was twofold: firstly, to achieve a 20% reduction in average lost days per employee, resulting in cost savings by reducing the amount the Logistics Company paid out on Short-Term Disability benefits; secondly, to decrease the number of lapse days per claim through early intervention on all files (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board/Short Term Disability to impact the total number of lost days.


To tackle these challenges head-on, Acclaim crafted a broad strategy, incorporating early intervention protocols, meticulous oversight of Short-Term Disability cases, and advocacy for enhanced claim management. As part of this initiative, we conducted extensive training sessions, engaging with over 100 managers and HR personnel to guarantee effective communication and absolute clarity regarding roles and responsibilities. Additionally, we established streamlined communication protocols with our program partners to ensure seamless coordination.


The partnership with Acclaim led to substantial improvements and cost savings:

  • Achieved a 52% decrease in the average number of lost days per file.
  • Realized a 48% reduction in the number of lapse days.
  • Witnessed a 53% decrease in LTD cases.
  • Saved more than $785,951.07 in avoided Short Term Disability costs over the course of the year.

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