Boosting Vocational Rehab Initiatives in the Mining Sector

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Long Term Disability Services


An employee seeking vocational rehabilitation in the mining industry

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Long Term Disability - Vocational Rehabilitation

Executive Summary

This case study illustrates Acclaim Ability Management's vital role in enabling vocational rehabilitation within the mining industry. Acclaim's thorough approach, supported by a team of experts, led to the successful reintegration of a beneficiary into the workforce.


An employee seeking vocational rehabilitation due to health conditions, including fibromyalgia, bipolar disorder, and anxiety, impacting their ability to work.


Drawing upon its wealth of experience and specialized services, Acclaim adeptly tackled the distinctive challenges encountered by our Mining industry client. Our team of experts, including medical professionals, vocational rehabilitation specialists, and mental health professionals, worked collaboratively to develop a tailored approach for this client working in the Mining industry.

Through a fusion of thorough assessments, tailored interventions, and support, Acclaim provided the employee with crucial tools and direction to embolden their path toward vocational rehabilitation and a victorious reentry into the workforce. Our devotion to all-encompassing well-being and a relentless focus on solutions centered around the client were pivotal in realizing the sought-after and prosperous results.


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