Achieving Excellence in Disability Management: The Acclaim Advantage in Financial Services

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Ability Management Services

Executive Summary

This case study portrays the successful partnership between Acclaim and a financial services client, focusing on short-term disability management services. It emphasizes Acclaim's commitment to understanding client needs, addressing challenges, and continuously improving their services.


The financial services client faced initial challenges related to case manager transitions and data accuracy during bi-annual reviews. They sought consistent performance, adherence to service level agreements, and strong relationship building.


Acclaim demonstrated remarkable agility in addressing case manager transitions, implementing a well-structured process that ensured a seamless transition experience for the client. This commitment to smooth transitions extended to their consistent delivery, where Acclaim consistently not only met but often exceeded service level agreements. Their dedication to precision was evident in the maintenance of impressively low error rates. In addition, Acclaim went the extra mile by nurturing a strong and collaborative client relationship, achieved through regular in-person meetings and heightened responsiveness to client needs. These actions not only contributed to the success of the partnership but also exemplified Acclaim's customer-centric approach.


The partnership with Acclaim yielded an efficient and highly responsive partnership, earning an impressive total weighted score of 88.3%. This achievement was a direct result of Acclaim's diligent and dedicated case managers. Their ability to swiftly and effectively resolve errors showcased Acclaim's commitment to precision and client satisfaction. Additionally, their competitive pricing structure not only benefited the client financially but also underscored Acclaim's dedication to supporting the financial health and success of their partners. These factors collectively propelled the partnership to exceptional success, solidifying Acclaim's position as a trusted ally in the financial services sector.

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