Revitalizing Careers: A Banking Industry Success Story in Post-Litigation Rehabilitation

Long Term Disability Services
Long Term Disability Services


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Services Provided

Acclaim Rehabilitation Services were engaged to provide post-litigation rehabilitation services for a 51-year-old Customer Services Specialist in the banking industry aiming for a potential return to work. The services included a workplace assessment, a Neuropsychological Independent Assessment (IME), treatment recommendations, Occupational Therapy, a Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE), and a Vocational Assessment.

Executive Summary

This case study focuses on a Customer Services Specialist who had been off work for six years due to a traumatic brain injury, chronic pain, and migraines. The employer sought to explore opportunities for the employee's recovery and potential return to a part-time role. Acclaim recommended a Neuropsychological IME, leading to a plan for permanent part-time work after successful treatment and rehabilitation services.


The employee had unsuccessfully attempted a full-time return to work previously. The challenge was to assess the potential for further recovery and determine if the employee could sustainably work part-time, up to a maximum of 24 hours per week.


Acclaim recommended a Neuropsychological IME, revealing that full-time work might not be successful, but there was potential for a permanent part-time return. Treatment recommendations were made to facilitate maximum recovery, with a plan for reassessment after six months. Occupational Therapy, a 6-month work readiness program, a repeat FAE, and a Vocational Assessment were proposed as part of the rehabilitation plan.


Within 11 months, the employee successfully returned to permanent part-time work within the same employer, after over six years of absence. The retraining and the assumption of a new role aligned with the employee's capabilities, showcasing the success of the rehabilitation services and return-to-work planning.

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